Electricity is a useful matter to power everything around your home. However, as useful as it is, it can still be terrifying because electricity is dangerous. It can cause fatal injury if you are not careful, so you have to be on the look- out for that as much as you can.  

If you have children in the home leaving your outlets unprotected is dangerous. You should call an electrician or check with Bend electric for solutions of the problems. In this article, you will learn some tricks to keep your home safe from electricity without banning it in your place.  



If you have unused wall outlets, you should make sure to put on some safety caps to it. You don’t want children to stuck their fingers in there, or use a stick to poke through in there. It’s dangerous and it can really be awful if your child get burns and electrocution from that.  


If you find outlets, wires switches and other electric parts in need of a repair or replacement. Do it immediately, it’s important that you do so because it can cause really bad things to happen like short circuits shocking people or fires.  

        3. USE IT PROPERLY  

Know how to use the item properly, cords most especially. When you pull it out of a plug do not pull on the wire. Rather you are encouraged to please use the head of the plug, you don’t want to damage the cord and if so, you don’t want to get electrocuted over it.  

         4. KEEP AWAY FROM WATER  

Water is a deciding factor over it electricity and water do not mix at all. It is dangerous so, keep it out of there. It’s absolutely not something you can hold on to. So, keep any form of electricity out of the water or as far away from water as possible.  

         5. COVER  

Use covers for the electrical wires on the walls. Although there is a certain charm with exposing the wiring on the walls. However, it can turn dangerous overtime, so, make sure to use covers over it.  

           6. CORRECT SIZE  

Each appliance have a wattage size, as a person who works well with that, you should make sure to use the right size. If you use a bigger wattage over an appliance you can destroy it. If you don’t do it either it won’t start. So, know how much power it needs and go for it.  


Although, you never really think about it, you should have some way to extinguish fire around your home. You should have that and you shouldn’t think you don’t need to at all. You should prepare in case of emergency and at least that thing can help you well in case of fire.  

You should also talk to an inspector or electrician what other things you can do to ensure you are doing great at it. You want to make sure that safety is a priority and so shall it be.