You, a newbie in farming and you want to have a little garden just right beside your house or inside your house. You want your house to surrounded by life, want it to be colorful, and have fragranced home.  If so, this is the perfect article for you. Today we’ll tackle ways to start a small garden just right beside your house, just follow these steps or you ask and hire in Oregon farm service company if you are nearby for more knowledge. 

How to start a small garden? 

  • Plan your dream

Planning is always a great start to any projects, it is a great start for making small gardens too. You have to plan where to space up, to find a perfect spot, and what kind of plants do you want to bear.   

  • Plant a plant perfect for the climate you have

You should always mind the climate and how much energy resources you are going to get. Before you space up, always mind the climate. 

  • Resources

You have to provide the right resources to plant a plant. You should have the right consistency of the soil. The right exposure of sunlight, you have to have a water resource too.  

  • Clean

Now you have plan, have the resources, and the perfect climate, you have to clean and start to dig up some dirt. Even the place and buy the necessities need for planting. 

  • Start growing

Since you have now the necessary objects to plant a plant, you should grow them now. From sunflowers to daffodils, from trees to little cactus, you name it.  

  • Protect

Different plants have different characteristics and attraction. So, they will attract a lot of pest and animals, you are in charge of protecting your plants.  

When planting you should follow these steps. 

  1. Find the right soil for your plant – We have to provide the right need for the flower or else it will die quickly or not blossom at all and that includes the kind of soil the plant needs. 
  2. Space – Some plants have big roots, so you really need to space up the area. 
  3. Seeding – There are plants that can grow if it’s directly sows to the soil. You should know what your plants need. 
  4. Fertilizer – Provide the right fertilizer for your plant so that it will be much stronger and better. 
  5. Daily needs – Our plants have daily needs to and it involves the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of water. 
  6. Organize – You should organize the plants according to its kind so it won’t be looking messy and it will look more pleasant than others. 

After you’ve done all the steps and the suggestions, you will be having the most pleasant, fragranced, and beautiful home in the neighborhood. It will attract a lot of people so get ready for complements. Having a nicely fragrant house and a colorful one is a plus for people and you to enjoy the view of the beautiful garden. Although it will take some time for plants to grow, I hope that they will provide happiness and give yourself a me time.